Art Is In Bread is a family operated bakery in Los Angeles, CA committed to baking healthy and hearty natural breads. We are devoted to baking unmatched breads encompassing the entire process from milling our own flour to using natural starters and personally handling each loaf for delivery. Our dedication to baking the finest breads takes us back to how artisan breads were traditionally baked. We have recreated old world baking techniques, using the finest in modern technology in our 7,000 square foot eco-friendly baking compound. We begin by importing certified natural hard red, hard white, spring and winter wheats from Montana, Utah and Idaho. Within our bakery compound, we mill whole wheat into the flour that we use in our breads. Our mill is a one of a kind hand crafted stone mill. The stone that grinds the wheat is imported from the Swiss Alps and is unique in its cool natural ability in that it maintains all the nutritional elements, fibers and proteins that otherwise are ruined by extreme heat in the ordinary milling process.We then take our high fiber and high protein whole grain flour and add filtered water, sea salt and our natural starters to prepare our dough. Instead of using unhealthy yeast, we prepare our own fermented sponge starters that are healthy to ingest and digest. The creation is a traditional sourdough that we then bake in a heat-efficient hand-built stone oven. The elimination of commercial yeast from our breads results in unique products that are unparalleled in the baking industry.

Our baked products yield attractive, healthy and hearty breads that are yeast, preservatand additive free. Our variety spans from different shape and size loaves, baguettes, dinner rolls, buns, and bread crumbs. In addition, our products vary from white breads to darker breads with varying degrees of fiber. At Art Is In Bread we take pride and joy in what we do.