Why We Stone Grind

There are several advantages to stone-ground flour. The endosperm, bran, and germ remain in their natural, original proportions. Because the stones grind slowly, the wheat germ is NOT exposed to excessive temperatures. Heat from steel- roller mills causes the fat from the germ portion to oxidize and become rancid and much of the essential vitamins and minerals to be destroyed. Nutritive losses due to oxygen exposure are also limited by the fact that stone-ground flour is usually coarser. Stone-ground flour is preferred by many bakers and natural food advocates because of its texture.

Why We Bake Sourdough Breads

Bread made commercially has to be created quickly. It’s all about volume, stacking the shelves, and selling product. Bread made in massive amounts uses commercial yeast, resulting in a leavening process that takes only 90 minutes. Sourdough does not use commercial yeast. That means that the sourdough leavening process is much longer than that of commercially made breads—anywhere from six to 36 hours. Why is that important? The longer leavening process is one of natural fermentation, which includes wild yeasts and enzyme enhancing bacteria. These combine in a process resulting in bread that is easier to digest and contains nutritional advantages. There are various helpful and healthful bacteria that are created during sourdough fermentation. Lactobacillus (probiotic), which is the most important of the bacteria found in sourdough, produces lactic, formic and acetic acids. These serve to help prevent harmful organisms. Sourdough bread preparation improves nutrition by:

Why We Bake High Fiber Breads

The benefits of consuming a high fiber bread are numerous. In contrast, not having sufficient fiber in the diet could lead to chronic disease and a breakdown in your overall health. Fiber helps flush out toxins, excess hormones, and harmful organisms in the bulked up waste. High fiber bread imparts multiple benefits including: improved regularity, increased energy, and vital nutrients to help keep the body running well. White or refined breads provide mostly empty calories plus they are loaded with sugar and virtually devoid of fiber.